42 Hand Nails


Nothing gets people in the vacation soul like wearing some jolly melodies, decorating the tree, and tossing on comfortable pajamas (and fuzzy clothes). But one thing that will actually up the celebratory temper? Giving yourself a merry manicure at home in recognition of “probably the most amazing time of the year.” Between all the holiday nail polish colors on the market (think: heavy red, hunter green, winter bright, and freezing blue) and joyous icons, there’s tons of enthusiasm to draw from.



So, to help you change your drop fingernails to your Christmas claws ahead of December 25, we curved up 42 various a few ideas for Christmas nail art designs, including an raised german idea, Santa-inspired art , holly highlights, snowflakes, string lights, candy canes, reindeer, and more. And, thanks to  nail stickers, press-ons, and stencils, these nail ideas get together quickly, even when you do not have the steadiest give or have strike the holly jolly punch too hard.


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