Assisted Living Planner

  •  Draw up a budget and know how much you can afford to pay per month.
  •  Review the clauses in any Long Term Care Insurance policies your parents may have.
  •  Visit facilities at different times on different days.
  •  Eat meals there. At least 2 at different times and days.
  •  Look at the activities calendar. Sit in on an activity, if possible.
  •  Talk to some residents to assess their mental and social capabilities compared to that of your loved one.
  •  Meet with the Director of the facility and ask about staff training and retention.
  •  Ask about dementia care options and rules for remaining in Assisted Living versus Memory Care (if available).
  •  Consult with an Elder Care Attorney if quality Assisted Living seems out of reach financially.
  •  Check the state Long Term Care Incident Reports for the facility you are considering.
  •  Have a lawyer review the Resident Contract before signing anything.

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